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You are looking for a high-quality hand tool set and also want to store them safely and reliably? Then you are exactly right with us! Our large selection of tool cases ranges from plastic cases, aluminum cases to ABS shell cases as well as trolleys. Our most important criterion: The tools should be clearly sorted and protected for transport at any time. In addition, we do not prescribe how the tools should be stored.
FAMEX 144-48 Universal Tool Kit

Art.No.: 144-48

  • All sockets, wrenches and drive tools made of CV-steel
  • 5 years warranty on all tools

Quality Level

RRP 89,99 EUR
Only 79,99 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Our toolboxes

In our store you will find hand tool sets for all kinds of work. Whether for commercial use or for your own home - with us you will find what you are looking for. Especially specialists, such as mechanics or electricians, must rely on an extensive and qualitative tool set. Here, larger tool cases with more storage space are often needed. Our aluminum tool cases and ABS cases are ideal for this purpose. In addition, you can choose between different storage systems for some models. So you can equip your tool case according to your ideas. We do not prescribe how you have to place the tool assortment in the tool cases.
Which tool case is the right one for me?

The choice of the right tool case depends on the work to be done. We have created our own quality classes to create a first insight for you about the quality of the hand tool sets. If you need a tool case for your first own home and the tool assortment will be used only occasionally, choose one of our starter cases - like the compact tool case FAMEX 145-48. If you want to store more tools in the case, the aluminum tool case FAMEX 744-98 would be a very good choice. If more in-depth private work needs to be done and you also like to work on your car, for example, our mechanic tool case FAMEX 723-47 is an excellent choice! You are an electrician or work in a workshop? Then you should best choose a case from quality level 5 or 6.
Equipped and un-equipped tool cases

An important decision has to be made right at the beginning. Will you only need an empty tool case or should you choose an equipped tool case? If you already have an extensive and high-quality hand tool set - there is a lot to be said for the unloaded tool case. Keep in mind that all of our tool cases offer space for additional tools.
If a new tool case with a hand tool set is needed - then he is exactly right with a stocked tool box or tool case. The tool set should be matched according to your activity as well as area of application. In addition, you can choose between different tool cases as well as storage system. This creates numerous combination options to meet your ideas and needs to the maximum!

What do you have to pay attention to when buying a tool case?
Safe storage is all about permanent protection, sensible order, convenience and flexibility on the one hand. The following points might help you in your decision:
  • Familiarize yourself with the dimensions. The size of the storage case should be matched to the tools and parts to be stored.
  • Match the material to the amount of use. If you travel a lot or go to construction sites, choose a sturdy tool case. Our aluminum cases and ABS cases are ideal for this. For occasional private work, the plastic tool cases are sufficient.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the weight of an empty case. A heavy unloaded tool case can have a negative impact on mobility.
  • Choose the right storage system. Match the put-away system with your job. For example, if you often work from a ladder, you should select the insert pocket pallet. This ensures easy and convenient change of tools without Velcro fasteners.
Which tool set should I choose?
Now that the question of the right storage case is settled, you should also decide on the right tool. We offer tool sets in different quality levels. If the tool will be used on a daily basis, you should choose one of our professional tool cases.
For this, choose a professional tool box in quality level 5 and 6. In these tool boxes, the majority of the tools are made in Germany. Among other things, the Made in Germany screwdrivers are made of particularly high-quality chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel and the cutting edges of the pliers are additionally inductively hardened. Further included in the case are German water pump pliers, voltage testers, hammers, files and much more! If you are looking for a quality professional tool case, please browse the "commercial use" category. The warranty on these tools is 10 years.
Are you quality-conscious and looking for the right tool for work and repairs around the house and garage? Then you are exactly right in the category "upper class". Also in these cases are some hand tools from German production. The quality of the tools are designed for the demanding private user.

For occasional work in the first own apartment or house, our cheap but still qualitative entry-level cases are suitable. We distance ourselves very much from cheap quality, which is why this case can be the right choice for beginners. The compact plastic tool cases can be easily stored in the apartment or car. With the tool cases you have options to expand the tool box with additional tools.

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